Vintage 2009

The vintage of 2009 is rightly considered as being one of the most balanced and quality oriented years in the beginning of the 21st century.
Its success is the result of a conjonction of several factors that are indispensable in the elaboration of vines of high quality.

First of all, the weather was favorable to the budding of an exceptional year. It is true that there were heavy rains in the beginning of summer, but they were followed by two months, july and august, that were hot and dry without excessive températures and perfect luminosity. Thus, the vines were able to enjoy a smooth growing cycle, which gave the grapes the opportunity to reach optimal maturity.
Control of the yields followed and was déterminant in the production of wines of quality in 2009. In Bouzeron, our vineyards are all situated on the slopes, so the size of the crop was regulated naturally.

With grapes that reached such an excellent maturity, we could only offer you wines possessed of rare balance as to their level of acidity as well as to their tannins.

The 2009's are « solar » wines with superb texture, distinguished minéral quality and lots of character.

The white wines show great aromatic freshness with notes of honey, citrus and apricot.

As for our red wines they are rich and generous in body, with notes of fresh red fruits with délicate and silky tannins.

Aubert de Villaine/ Pierre de Benoist